Scheduled Trainings

Registration/Tuition Fees:

$485 (Doula Training Workshop, Digital Manual, Intro to Childbirth for Doulas)

$55 (Optional Breastfeeding for Doulas)

$50 OFF if paid in full by 8 weeks before start; $40 late registration within 2 weeks of start.
 Note* 2022 Workshop Rates: Early Bird- $450; Regular- $495; Late- $525
Workshop Location and Dates Below

All posted workshops will be held live ONLINE at this time. Cities are posted on the DONA site to help participants find workshops with others in their nearby vicinity.  Please feel free to register for the workshop dates that work best for your schedule.

Important Registration Dates:

 Live Online (Atlanta, GA)

November 17-19, 2021

$50 OFF(Before 9/22/21)

+$40 LATE Registration (Starting 11/3/21)

 Live Online (New Orleans, LA)

December 15-17, 2021

$50 OFF(Before 10/15/21)

+$40 LATE Registration (Starting 12/1/21)

Live Online (Atlanta, GA)

January 26-28, 2022

$45 OFF (Before 11/26/21)

+$30 LATE Registration (Starting 1/19/22)

 Live Online (knoxville, tn)
February 9-11, 2022

$45 OFF (Before 12/9/21)

+$30 LATE Registration (Starting 2/2/22)

 Live Online (Atlanta, GA)

march 2-4, 2022

$45 OFF (Before 2/2/22)

+$30 LATE Registration (Starting 2/25/22)

 Live Online (Nashville, tn)

april 6-8, 2022

$45 OFF (Before 2/6/22)

+$30 LATE Registration (Starting 3/29/22)

Our DONA International-approved doula workshops include the intro to childbirth for doulas component which meets a secondary course requirement for birth doula certification.  We also offer the breastfeeding for doulas course as an optional course.  Participants who take all three components (birth doula workshop inclusive of intro + breastfeeding for doulas) will have the three classroom courses required for doula certification. For more information on the certification requirements (in addition to the in-person classes), visit our infographic here.